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Car Battery Replacement Park Royal from Peter's Auto Repairs

Age-deficient car batteries are the number one reason shown in the breakdown statistics.

To prevent your vehicle from breaking down, have your car's battery checked in good time at your Peter's Auto Repair workshop.

Here at Peter's Auto Repairs, we offer a fast, professional car battery Park Royal service.

Especially in winter, the battery is exposed to extreme cold and, at the same time, operates various heaters inside the car. This puts a lot of strain on the battery. In these extreme situations, the battery should be at full capacity.

The Stop and Start technology in vehicles also puts a lot of extra strain on a battery (even though it is a specialist one).

During our battery check, we test the battery for the required functionality and measure the voltage with our specialist equipment. Afterwards, we can tell you whether it is time for a new battery or not.

Apart from routine checks at our garage, you should also check your car's battery yourself from time to time and keep an eye out for warning signs like dimmer headlights, car starting issues, rotten egg smell, and a bulging battery case.

Feel free to come by our workshop in Park Royal. We will be happy to advise you!

Brand Batteries for reliability

A vehicle battery must reliably store energy and supply the car's electrical system with voltage. In modern vehicles, it is not only responsible for starting but also supplies a wide variety of electrical consumers. That's why we at Peter's Auto Repairs only trust manufacturers with the highest quality standards and innovative technology when it comes to car battery Park Royal installation.

No compromises!

Please do not try to save money at the wrong end by buying cheaper no-name products.


In older cars, it was a lot easier to change a battery. Many vehicle owners could even do it themselves.

It is not as easy in modern vehicles anymore, so we strongly advise you not to try to change it yourself.


Another reason for not changing your vehicle's battery yourself is the disposal of the old battery, as it is classified as hazardous waste.

This means, Vehicle batteries do not belong in household waste and should not be released uncontrolled into the environment.

In our workshop, we take care of the proper disposal of your old battery by working with certified environmentally friendly and sustainable companies.

The car battery explained in detail

If you are not sure whether the battery of your car can still perform at its full capacity, then come to our auto workshop for a Car Battery Replacement Park Royal.

Our friendly team will also be happy to answer all your questions and show you the different, suitable options, especially for your vehicle.

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