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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing Park Royal for your vehicle?

Wheels that run properly are vital for safe an comfortable driving.

Only when tyres are perfectly balanced can they optimally bring their positive characteristics to the road.

However, the weight-distribution on wheels is not perfect at all times: due to valve issues, curb bumps or tyres worn unevenly; the wheels get out of balance - an imbalance occurs. This causes the tyres to wear quicker over time, but it could also damage steering and chassis. These are surely good reasons for having wheels balanced regularly (latest at the first sign of an imbalance).

How does an imbalance occur in car tyres and rims?

There are several causes for an imbalance to occur. One example - the valves: without a precise counterweight, the wheel would not rotate properly around the axle. One more reason for an imbalance are unevenly worn tyres. Heavy braking manoeuvres and cornering wear the tyre's material unevenly. Even smallest weight changes can have a significant impact due to the centrifugal forces when rotating: At a speed of 60 mph, an imbalance of only ten grams already affects the wheel by nearly 5.5 pounds.

Wheel balancing Park Royal at Peter's Auto Repairs

Wheel balancing: How it works.

Strictly speaking, balancing does not involve balancing the tyre but the entire wheel. The imbalance will be corrected by attaching small counterweights to the rims. Wheel balancing should only be carried out correctly in a garage equipped with the best technology. For this purpose, the wheel is fitted in a special wheel balancer. It simulates the rolling movements of the wheel/tyre assembly determining the imbalance of the wheel to the gram. The balancing computer then shows our technician the exact weight and the location where the counterweight must be placed on the rim. In rare cases, after balancing, vibrations may still be noticeable despite the smooth-running wheels because possible imbalances - originating from brake discs or wheel hubs - are not taken into account on the balancing machine. This then requires fine balancing.

A so-called wheel alignment check might also be a good idea.

How can you recognise an imbalance?

Several signs indicate an imbalance:

  • Fluttering of the steering wheel at certain speeds
  • Vibrations on the steering wheel
  • Unusual noises at speeds around 60mph
  • The car feels spongy at around 70 mph (almost like aquaplaning)
  • Unevenly worn tyres

How noticeable the signs depend on the driving speed and the wheel diameter. In other words, fast sports cars with large tuning wheels are particularly sensitive if the weights are not placed correctly.

Have you noticed any of these signs lately?

Do not worry. Come to us for wheel balancing Park Royal.

After thoroughly checking using the latest technology, we will fit environmentally-friendly counterweights to your vehicle's rims.

Please note: We carry out wheel balancing as a standard procedure with every new tyre fitment.


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