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Are you looking for Gearbox Repair Park Royal for your vehicle?

At Peter's Auto Repairs, we also service and repair gearboxes!

Every vehicle with an engine has a gearbox. The gearbox absorbs the power of the engine as it does its work to transfer it to the wheels of the car. During the sequence of operations, it determines the optimum torque and power for each gear. For a comfortable, smooth drive, an intact gearbox is therefore indispensable in addition to an intact engine.

Here is an example of how we carry out a gearbox repair in our workshop:

Dismantling of the gearbox.

Measurement of all components, such as shafts, gear wheels, synchroniser rings, converters or seals.

Replacement of all defective or worn components and parts.

If the individual parts are too damaged, we replace the entire gearbox.

Change the gearbox oil.

Installation of the repaired gearbox.

How can you recognise a defective gearbox?

The gears can jump out.

Jerking when shifting gears.

The gearbox makes strange noises.

The engine does not stall when a gear is engaged.

Oil leaks.

Why it is essential to have a gearbox serviced:

No malfunctions while driving

Smooth gear changes

No stalling on the road

No consequential damage due to a blocked engine.

When should you have your vehicle's gearbox repaired?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say in general terms when it is time to have the gearbox repaired or replaced altogether. Too many different factors play a role. Therefore, paying attention to the symptoms of a defective gearbox described above is all the more important. At the first sign of possible gearbox damage, you should immediately seek the opinion of an expert and make an appointment at a specialist workshop.

Gearbox Repair Park Royal - Peter's Auto Repairs

We not only replace parts but also repair and recondition them professionally and expertly. This means that you, as a customer, can save good money with us. We use the latest technology and best tools and undergo regular training, so we are always up-to-date.

Your advantages with Peter's Auto Repairs at a glance

Full manufacturer's warranty for little money:

We have access to the technical data and information of the car manufacturers and work strictly according to their manufacturer's specifications. In addition, we only use high-quality spare parts.

Less consequential damage and fewer follow-up repairs:

Through regular and timely inspections and maintenance, you prevent significant consequential damage that minor issues can cause. This includes, above all, engine damage! At the same time, you maintain the value of your vehicle.

The extended service life of your car:

A longer engine life is guaranteed, among other things, through regular inspections. Full performance and less fuel consumption because your vehicle has been perfectly maintained and adjusted.

You can now stop looking for "Gearbox Repairs near me."

Peter's Auto Repairs is the perfect place to take your vehicle to for Gearbox Repair Park Royal.

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