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Are you looking for Dpf Cleaning Service for your vehicle?

Professional Diesel Particle Filter cleaning for your car.

Due to EU legislation, all vehicles built from 2006/2007 onwards have a factory-integrated Particulate filter.

Diesel Particulate Filter cleaning is becoming increasingly relevant. This is because the residues of the harmful soot particles accumulated and burnt by the filter can lead to a blockage after a specific running time and thus to its inoperability.

In order to avoid the malfunctioning of the particle filter and to extend its service life, it is recommended to have the particle filter professionally cleaned on time.

During professional particle filter cleaning by Peter's Auto Repairs, the soot filter is completely removed to ensure the necessary thoroughness during DPF cleaning. This is because particle filter cleaning, or cleaning soot particle filters without prior removal with the aid of special cleaning systems, often produces unsatisfactory results, making subsequent cleaning with removal or even filter replacement necessary.

Professional car filter or DPF cleaning Park Royal is carried out using special technical processes for industrial reprocessing of the removed particle filter. It goes without saying that the industrial reprocessing procedures used by Peter's Auto Repairs employ the latest technologies.

However, professional diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning is only possible if the inner workings of the DPF are undamaged. If there is a defect or damage to the metal or ceramic carrier, professional DPF cleaning cannot be carried out. In this case, a filter replacement will be necessary.

Our team will always do their best to clean the filter to avoid a more costly replacement.

As a rule, professional car filter cleaning is carried out within 2-3 working days, depending on the technique used. In some cases, even one day will be enough.

Following the professional diesel Particulate filter cleaning, the vehicle owner will be issued a corresponding certificate and an inspection report.

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