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Why regular wheel alignment is necessary.

A moment of carelessness and you hit a curb or drive over a pothole or speed breaker a bit too fast.

You may think: "I hope my car won't be damaged ...". - and rightly so, because every pothole etc., provides a small but not insignificant jolt to the chassis mechanics. Depending on the impact's severity, the toe, wheel camber, caster and other chassis parameters can become misaligned, resulting in poor braking performance, a longer braking distance, and faster, uneven tyre wear.


The angle formed between the vertical axis of the car wheel and the vehicle itself is called a camber.


It is the geometric alignment between a car's steering axis and its wheel's vertical axis.


It is the angle between the wheels and their longitudinal axis. It is the inward or outward tilt of the wheel when seen from above.

But not only after a little incident, we recommend a wheel alignment check - even before there is a rough trigger, motorists should have the axle of their cars measured regularly.

We at Peter's Auto Repairs have specialised in this area and help drivers with wheel alignment Park Royal. Using the latest technology, we carry out a 3D or laser wheel alignment, with which we can quickly and easily identify and immediately rectify problems with the axle and chassis.

Regular wheel alignment checks can help you stay safe and save good money in the long run.

Wheel alignment is not expensive - but undetected damage to the chassis can quickly be.

One example:

Defective shock absorbers are typical chassis damage, often linked to misaligned wheels.

For many drivers, shock absorbers are one of those vehicle components that are simply there and that you forget about at some point because you no longer notice them directly. But shock absorbers are essential components for your safety and comfort, and you should have them checked regularly. At the latest, if they are defective, a trip to the workshop is necessary. We are happy to thoroughly check the condition of your car's shock absorbers during a Wheel alignment Park Royal.

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