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Exhaust repair Park Royal - Peter's Auto Repairs

At Peter's Auto Repairs, we can check and repair your car's entire exhaust system!

The term exhaust is often used in our everyday lives. Strictly speaking, there is no such thing as an exhaust in this sense; we should actually be talking about an exhaust system.

An exhaust system consists of many components, such as silencers, catalytic converters, filters, mounting parts, rubbers, flexible pipes, clamps and other connections. In addition, more and more technical components are playing an important role, including lambda sensors. These sensors measure and regulate the exhaust gas flow, which is led from the running engine into the exhaust system.

The exhaust belongs to the group of wearing parts that are subject to the least stress today. As a result, there is less wear and tear, as rust is generally no longer a dangerous factor.

Nevertheless, a regular inspection and check of the exhaust system are recommended in any case. Faults occurring here can quickly have an enormous impact on fuel consumption and engine performance.

Not to forget, a not fully functional exhaust system means an immediate MOT failure.

An exhaust repair Park Royal at Peter's Auto Repairs includes the following points:

A visual inspection

Removal of defective components

Installation of the necessary spare parts

Leak test

Exhaust Replacement Service

Is your exhaust defective? Is your silencer becoming more of a "sound amplifier"? Peter's Auto Repairs not only takes care of the quick exhaust replacement and the installation of a high-quality exhaust model at a fair price but, of course, also takes care of the environmentally friendly disposal of your old exhaust after the repair.

But as mentioned before, the exhaust system consists of several parts.

Often our team does not have to change the entire exhaust system but only individual components.

Exhaust Repairs Park Royal

With the exhaust service from Peter's Auto Repairs, your car's exhaust system will be fully functional again in no time.

The exhaust is exposed to many stresses in daily road traffic - whether it is salt in winter or intense thermal stresses in summer.

With the exhaust services carried out by our experts, we ensure a perfectly functioning exhaust system and a safe drive.

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