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It's every driver's nightmare: Suddenly, the brakes fail, and the car continues to drive unbraked and at undiminished speed.

Such a case is thankfully a real rarity because brakes are designed to be extremely reliable as a crucial vehicle part. But that does not mean that the brake system remains free of wear or defects. That's why you should have your vehicle's brakes checked regularly - we at Peter's Auto Repairs are happy to take care of this and thus look after the safety of motorists in Park Royal and the surrounding area.

The brake is one of the most important systems of a car. With the brake, the driver can bring his/her vehicle to a safe stop at any speed. Active safety systems such as the anti-lock braking system (ABS) and the anti-slip control (ASR) support this and help to keep the car under control and stabilised even in difficult situations. Like most other important car parts, the brake system and its components require regular maintenance, care and immediate repair in case of damage. A defective brake, for example, due to worn brake pads, is a danger to life and limb for all road users.

Why do the brakes need to be changed?

When people talk about changing brakes, they usually mean the individual components that contribute to the function of a brake and can wear out. If they are too worn, they need to be changed to ensure a safe continuation of the journey.

Like many other parts of a car that are subject to constant wear, the components of a brake also have to be replaced sooner or later. Brake discs and brake pads can show signs of wear over time, so they need to be changed. The brake pads can become too thin and then no longer generate friction and thus braking force when pressed onto the brake discs. On the other hand, the brake discs can become too shallow if the rough brake pads grind them down.

But how do I know that my car's brakes, or one or more of their components, need to be changed?

The first obvious sign is a decrease in braking power. If the braking effect noticeably decreases and/or you must press the pedal harder to get a reasonable braking force, it may be time to change a brake component. A grinding noise, squeaking or rattling that sounds more metallic is also often a sign of worn brake components. Remember, however, that these are only rough indications of the right time to change a brake. Squealing brakes could also indicate insufficient brake fluid, for example. The wear of such components on the car always depends on the model, driving style and several other factors, which is why you should have the brakes checked at our workshop regularly.

Changing the brake pads:

The degree of wear is the deciding factor.

When a car's brake pads are worn down, it can be life-threatening for the driver and all passengers. When it's time to change the brake pads is usually determined by the degree of wear. If you are an aggressive driver who often hits the brakes hard, you may need to change your brake pads after 6000 to 10000 miles. If you are a more defensive and anticipatory driver, you can travel up to 65000 miles before your car's brake pads need to be replaced. Of course, these are approximate values - only a look from a motor vehicle professional will give you immediate certainty as to whether a change is necessary.

As already mentioned, frequent heavy braking is tough on the pads. But weather conditions can also accelerate the wear of brake pads. Heat and the associated moisture development are particularly damaging to the brake pads. The same applies to frost, ice, road salt, friction, and dirt. If your car does not have an electronic wear indicator, you should have the condition of the brake pads checked regularly by us - at the latest, however, before the next long drive.

Why is it so important to change the brake fluid?

Sooner or later, every driver should have the brake fluid changed. But why is it so important, and when is the right time to do it?

A car's brakes are among the most important vehicle components and should better not show any defects to function reliably as a safety device. Therefore, the brake fluid should be changed regularly. It serves as the link between the brake pedal and the wheel brake. When you press the brake pedal, the force you exert on it is transmitted to the brakes. This happens thanks to the brake fluid, which ensures power transmission. If the brake fluid is not regularly checked, topped up and changed, the wheel brake will respond less effectively or, in the worst case, not at all when the brake pedal is pushed down. A poor condition of the brake fluid can therefore be life-threatening.

When you come to us for a Brake pad replacement Park Royal service , we will certainly also check your car's brake fluid condition.

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